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The Feriendorf Stallergut is also a 100 % family specialist

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In order to categorize the family specialists, the Hochkönig region adopted a very special symbol for families - the "Schlawutzel". The number of Schlawutzels therefore is an indication, how suitable the destination or accommodation is for family and kids - the more Schlawutzels, the better it is.

Whatever families and kids desire when they are on holidays - the family-partner-businesses have it. Wants and needs are diverse. Most of the times they range from sport for the active, relaxation and SPA for the stressed out, to games, action and fun for the kids.

Schlawutzel - das Logo für die Family Partner Betriebe

The Feriendorf Stallergut and the Haus Miller are real specialists in terms of family. Therefore we were awarded with 4 out of 4 "Schlawutzel" symbols. What are Schlawutzels and what does that classification mean?

  • Kids playground for the age 0 - 12 years
  • Playroom or playhouse with at least 20 sqm and toys for all ages
  • Safe plug sockets
  • Child care on at least 3 days a week
  • Buggies, back carriers and strollers for rent

If you are looking for a great accommodation, which is perfectly equipped for families and all family members, your search has an end. With the Millers, your family and all members will have lots of fun. From games and toys for kids, to options and possibilities for sport and action and to relaxation and comfort - welcome to the Feriendorf Stallergut and the Haus Miller in the Hochkönig region.

The Millers are looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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