Relax & SPA

Relax & SPA in the apartmenthouse Miller near Maria Alm in the Hochkönig region

Whatever season you are looking for, no matter where you spend your days in the Hochkönig region and what you do all day long - it is amazing if you find some time for relaxing and enjoying after an active day. It does not make a difference which "house" you choose. Both, the Feriendorf Stallergut and the Haus Miller, offer great facilities for relaxation and enjoyment.

You went hiking all day long and now your legs are really tired. Your day started early and hiked all the way up to the Hundstein. Now you are back in the Haus Miller and you really look forward to a hot sauna. Or you spent the whole day on the skiing slope and it was one of those cold days, the region is famous for. Now you are cold and want to warm up. In both cases we recommend one thing - the relax- and SPA area of the Haus Miller.

Both our "estates", the Haus Miller on the one hand and the Stallergut on the other are located right next to the skiing slopes and the hiking trails. In the middle of our mountain region of the Hochkönig you can have a wonderful time in nature - no matter if you come in summer or in winter. Our relax- and SPA area is waiting for you to have a wonderful time afterwards.

The Millers are looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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