Mountainbiking in the Hochkönig region

Check out our Hochkönig region from the saddle of your mountainbike around the Feriendorf Stallergut and the Haus Miller

Mountaineers find their luck in the stone mountains of the Hochkönig and the "sea of rocks". Hikers like to find remote paths in the grass mountains in our region. If you think hiking is too boring for you and climbing and mountaineering is a bit too extreme, take your mountainbike or E-bike and ride through the beautiful Hochkönig region.

Only real mountainbike experts will make it to the summits of the grass mountains - the summits of the stone mountains are no mountainbike terrain. Depending on your taste, you can organize a wide range of beginner tours, intermediate tours, up to real professional tours. The Hochkönig region with its places like Maria Alm, Hintermoos, Dienten and Mühlbach has a wide net of mountain tours, which can be done from spring to fall. You really should check them out and bring your mountainbike.

If the tours and routes are too long or you want to take it more easy on the gravel roads, you should take an E-bike. The Hochkönig region is one of the first regions in Austria, which offered E-bike-charging-stations for all kinds of E-bikes. And that not only in the valley - we have charging-stations on remote mountain huts which create a fully connected net of E-bike action throughout the Hochkönig region.

For all of you this means - whether you like to fight uphill, or you like to have some assistance from an electric motor, or you even want some serious freeride action in the nearby bikepark Leogang - the Hochkönig region is the right place for you. Hintermoos and Maria Alm are not far from Leogang, where there was the UCI Mountainbike world campionship not long ago. The region Saalfelden Leogang is full of mountainbike-competence. If you want a nice and individual accommodation, the Feriendorf Stallergut and the Haus Miller are your holiday destination.

The Millers are looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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