Your hosts

The Miller Family - Your hosts in the Stallergut and the Haus Miller in the Hochkönig region

The Miller family - Moni, Raini, Clara and Paul are your hosts in the Stallergut and the house Miller, your "holiday destinations around the Hochkönig. Already twenty years ago, Moni and Raini recognized the trend of alpine huts and so they established the Stallergut, your holiday village or "Feriendorf" with single chalets for rent.

Actually, Raini is not 100 % hotelier - he runs his own business for sunscreens and roller blinds. His wife Moni has lived in the Hochkönig region for years and successfully runs the Stallergut and the house Miller.

The story of Raini and the chalets is long. 20 years ago his father, Anton Miller, build a very nice and traditional building because of his 50th birthday. This was the birthday of the "witch house" next to the house Miller. Raini was helping his father and realized the immense potential of old and traditional buildings within modern and innovative tourist regions.

At this time Raini began to think about the idea of the Stallergut. He hat a vision of a "different kind of holiday destination" for families, groups or people who want to find the way back to tradition. Raini lived his dream and built his own holiday destination with much passion and strength. Raini is a real "selfman" - he built the huts and chalets by himself and put much passion into his projects. Therefore, he left the witch house next to the Haus Miller and left unchanged what was his success story. The witch house can still be rented during both seasons and is very successful - it is almost booked throughout the entire year.

The Millers are always on the run and the Stallergut never comes to a halt. Currently there is another construction going on for your and your comfort. Raini builds an entire area for breakfast, seminars and conventions. For delicious breakfasts and good food there will be a large patio and much space for meetings and conventions in the inside. For the right connection to comfort and relax, the new area is connected to the large and cozy relax & SPA area in the basement.

The Millers are looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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