Hiking in the Hochkönig region

Hiking around the Feriendorf Stallergut and the Haus Miller in Hintermoos near Maria Alm in the Hochkönig Region

How do you like your hike? You get up early in the morning, while there is still thick fog in the valley. You start your hike and reach higher elevations quickly - the trail is fairly steep. Soon you have reached enough height and the thick fog lies behind you - now you are hiking over sunny meadows and alpine pastures, where cows and sheep enjoy the early sun. The hiking trail still ascents and now you can see the peaks and summits you are about to reach ...

If you look around in the Hochkönig region, you immediately realize what amazing hiking region it is. On the south side of the valley there are wonderful grass mountains and "foot hills" like the Aberg, the Hochkaser or the Hundstein. There you can find perfect hiking trails and paths. On the north side in the "stone mountains", the conditions are a bit "rougher" and you have to be an experienced climber or mountaineer to have fun there. But honestly - the high peaks of the stone mountains look way better from the other side of the valley - you do not have to stand on top of them in order to admire them.

That's the thing and that's the reason why the hikes in the Hochkönig region are spectacular and beautiful at the same time - there is always a stunning view to the stone mountains. Face to face with the wild peaks of the stone mountains you can find hikes and walks in peace and relaxation. While there is still fog in the valley and the beauty of the mountains is not really visible, the summits are already sunlit and it is time for the sensational atmosphere.

If you stay in the Stallergut or in the Haus Miller does not make a big difference. Both houses are located right in the middle of our great hiking region. The best trails and paths start right behind our houses and you can find a huge variety of tagged routes and tracks. As soon as the spring sun melts away the snow, the hiking season starts and lasts until late fall every year. After you had a great day outside on one of our great hiking trails, there are the chalets and apartments and the relax- and SPA areas of the Stallergut and the house Miller waiting for you.

The Millers are looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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