Mountaineering in the Hochkönig region

Mountaineering and climbing around the Feriendorf Stallergut and the Haus Miller in the Hochkönig region

You are on your way to a great summit in the "sea of rocks" mountain range. The path starts right behind the village Maria Alm. Looking at the summit from down the valley, it looks awfully far and steep. The "Schönfeldspitze" is far and it won't be easy to get there. The path gets steeper and steeper and right before the Buchauer-ridge it's really hard. On the way from the ridge to the summit it is better if you are free from any giddiness - the way is exposed and you better should not fall. Neberthelss, the view from the summit is amazing and it was worth all the stress and strain ...

Mountaineering in the Hochkönig region is quite different from hiking. When you go hiking in our region you move on the grass mountains and have a nice view to the stone mountains. When you are mountaineering, climbing or go for one of the famous "via ferratas" in the Hochkönig region, you have a nice view to the grass mountains in the south. Behind the fairly low grass mountains, you can see the high peaks of the Hohen Tauern with their glaciers and snow fields.

Climbing and mountaineering in the Hochkönig region have a long tradition. Mountaineering experts talk about the Hochkönig in the same breath then world famous climbing eldorados like Arco at the lake garda or Chamonix in France. If you look at the Hochkönig you can see, which variety of routes and tours in many different levels are waiting. Climbing-legend Albert Precht called the Hochkönig his "home" - he knows the region quite well and climbs there frequently.

If you want to go climbing or mountaineering in the Hochkönig region, we know the perfect location to stay. Individual, comfortable, traditional - that's the way the Feriendorf Stallergut and the Haus Miller appear to it's guests. Stay in one of our apartments or rooms and check out the climbing paradise Hochkönig. You get ready for some serious tours in the rocks - we have your accommodation.

The Millers are looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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