Ski touring in the Hochkönig region

Skitours and backcoutry skiing around the Feriendorf Stallergut in Hintermoos near Maria Alm in the Hochkönig region

The alarm is ringing - way too early for holidays. Looking out of the window you can see, that it snowed over night and that it will be a very cold and sunny day. Raini is already on his feet and shovels the fresh powder from the driveway - what a waste! But relax, where you will go today, there is much more powder waiting. On the stove in the kitchen there is the fresh coffee boiling. After a tasty breakfast you start your skitour into the romantic winter wonderland of Hintermoos. But your skins on your skis and start your day - the track starts right begind your chalet.

This little story can come true for you - if you come to the Feriendorf Stallergut you can start your skitours right behind your house as well. Have you ever asked yourself, which nice peaks you can see from your window? This is the area of the “Marbach Höhe” - a legendary ski-touring-area. Check out the summits of the Klingspitz or the Hochkaser. The tour up there is very popular and you will have a fresh track for sure. As soon as you leave the forest, take a look around and look at the majestic Hochkönig range on the other side of the valley. But don’t take too long, fresh powder is waiting for you.

Those of you, who want to go on more “alpine” Skitours, should check out some famous tours to the stone mountains. You can climb one of the impressive ridges or peaks around the “sea of rocks” near Saalfelden or the summit of the Hochkönig. Skitours in the stone mountains are perfect in spring time. The snow is frozen on your way up early in the morning - on the summit you can take a rest and find the perfect moment for your descent, when the firn-snow is perfectly smooth. If you are interested in some real famous spring-skitours, climb the “Buchauer-ridge” right behind the village of Maria Alm or the “Tor-ridge” in Hintertal, a few kilometers further up the valley. An easy approach in the stone mountains is the “Taghauben-ridge” in Dienten near the Hochkönig - a nice and easy tour to get started.

No matter what summit or tour you want to approach. After a good day in the mountains there is the Feriendorf Stallergut and the Haus Miller waiting for you. Cozy fire places, nice spots on our benches in front of the chalets or some relaxing hours in the relax- and SPA area. Come to our place and find perfect conditions for unforgettable skitours and long days in the mountains of the Hochkönig region.

The Millers are looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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